Just a little welcome note!

Remember that feeling when you wake up in the morning wishing it’s already Summer? Well that’s exactly what has gotten into me today! I’ve been waiting a little too long to wear my favorite pair of shorts and today… I couldn’t wait any longer!

Even the clothes say it by themself… Pret-a-porter.. A.K.A WEAR ME NOW!!!! So that’s exactly what I did! For the first time in my life I jumped out of bed knowing this beauty is waiting for me in my wardrobe, but of course I couldn’t but wear it with my super-comfy sneakers, just to remind myself that it’s not exactly summer… YET!

And for the later hours, when the sun goes down… I just threw my vintage jean jacket on… and I am out for after work, mid-week cocktails!



Find the look: https://loukiakyriakou.com/product/peplum-pants/

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